Being the pioneer of Overhead Cranes  in  Pakistan, we  want to  take  business  of  cranes  a  step  further  in  achieving  the milestones  of  the  services  and  production, while  building  a  great sense  of  relationship  with  our  customers  to  fulfill  their expectations  in  a  very  professional  and  technical  way.


Modern Engineering Consolidated mother company M/s Modern Welding & Engineering Corporation started its business in 1969.Since its establishment, firm is providing wide range of services in mechanical engineering field to industrial sector.


The Beginning

The Legacy of entrepreneurship began some sixty-five years back, in early 1947, when MEC founder Mr. Muhammad Fazaluddin Qureshi (M. F. Qureshi) established a firm named General Engineering & Welding Works in India. Soon after the partition of Indian sub-continent, he migrated to Karachi – Pakistan and joined Crescent Air Transport Limited, Karachi. Later, he joined Karachi Shipyard & Engineering Works in 1954, where he got his trainings on alloy/ special steel welding and fabrication from United Kingdom, Germany and France. Having credits of many achievements, he established MODERN WELDING & ENGINEERING CORPORATION – Karachi in year 1969.

Now after 65 years, his crane specialized 2nd and 3rd generations are maintaining entrepreneurship from China to Europe (specially Germany) on almost daily basis on his firm believes of HONESTY, HARDWORK and SERVICES.

Crane Business

Modern Engineering Consolidated, PIONEERS of crane fabrication in private sector of Pakistan, ventured with SHAHNAWAZ in year 1979 for taking care of construction, installation and commissioning of client supplied DEMAG Crane components.

In 1985, MEC initially took orders from local market with a combination of locally designed, fabricated steel structure and readily available CRANE KIT imported from Japan and Eastern Europe, due to limited / occasional orders from SHAHNAWAZ.

Eventually, for the first time in Pakistan, in year 1987 MEC created complete ONE ROOF solution for designing, construction, erection and commissioning of EOT cranes.