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Our battery magnets are the ideal solution wherever you need to transport magnetisable loads safely and efficiently, independently of a mains power supply. They can be used as stationary units installed on wall and pillar-mounted – or as mobile equipment on forklifts and workshop cranes, in stores and in industrial applications where sheet and plate metal is processed. Here are just a few of their outstanding advantages:

  • universal application
  • compact design
  • high safety and reliability
  • high load capacity
  • loads are always safely picked up
  • automatic charging.

Product information

The benefits at a glance

Our battery magnets combine an electromagnet, battery and control unit with an integrated charging system for a high level of safety, reliability and flexibility.

High safety and reliability
  • Loads are always picked up safely thanks to automatic switch-on disabler if the battery voltage is too low
  • Residual magnetism is reduced to a minimum by means of automatic demagnetisation
  • Automatic charging control protects the 12 V battery against overcharging
  • Charge level can be seen at all times thanks to display of battery voltage by light-emitting diodes (dual monitoring by acoustic signal and optical indicator)
  • Automatic self-test of the warning device when the charging process begins
Universal application
  • Outdoor operation also possible with IP 53 enclosure (power source, charger and operating elements combined into one unit)
  • Single metal sheets can be separated from the load by flicking the toggle switch
  • High load capacity

Technical data

Type DBM 34 DBM 68
Order no. 727 204 44 727 205 44
Maximum load capacity for safety factor of 2 [kg] approx. 2,000 approx. 4,000
Power consumption [W] 52.2 86.8
Battery voltage [V] 12 12
Battery capacity [ah] 44 120
Discharging time at 50% CDF/10 min. (in hours) 8 8
Max. charging time (in hours) 10  10
Charging voltage 220 V AC/50 Hz
Length [mm] 340 680
Width [mm] 250 250
Height incl. suspension [mm] 460 525
Suspension eye diameter [mm] 80 120
Deadweight [kg] 80 169

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