Our cranes perform with the reliability of steel

Difficult loads, high or extremely fluctuating ambient temperatures: the harsh operating conditions in foundries demand high levels of safety and functional reliability for crane systems. Our solutions offer high levels of flexibility and performance:

magnet cranes to transport billets
cranes to transport rolls (roll grinding shop)
cranes in the annealing shop, pickling plant and in the shipping store
charging cranes
workshop cranes

The benefits at a glance

We offer a wide range of cranes for the steel production sector. Thanks to our many years of experience and comprehensive, industry-specific expertise, they are tailored to meet process requirements and the needs of transport operations.

Redundant systems

  • Multiple specification of sub-systems
    • for hoists and travel units
    • for the power supply
    • for the crane controls

Intelligent control systems

  • Flexible operating modes with integrated operating mode and error management
    • for the drive controls
    • for by-pass control
    • for the control of general systems

Clear visualisation

  • Clear representation of the systems
  • Operators are provided with a continuous overview of the current installation operating status

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