Magnets that keep a strong hold

Our R round magnets offer outstanding performance when used as single units – thanks to their compact dimensions and high load capacities. Our round magnets can be employed as RT spreader magnets for transporting large pieces of sheet and plate metal. Suspension at many points eliminates the sag that typically occurs in such applications.

  • Load capacities up to 1,400 kg for safety factor of 2 (per magnet)
  • Steel housing offering high permeability
  • Single magnets with integrated rectifier, switch and suspension ring
  • Spreader magnets available with separate electric equipment
  • Spreader magnets can be operated in groups

Product information

The benefits at a glance

High quality
  • Coils (fully encapsulated with special compound) made of enamelled copper wire
  • Housing made of highly permeable steel
  • Single magnets equipped with rectifier, switch and suspension eye
Strong performance
  • Load capacities up to 1,400 kg for safety factor of 2 (per magnet)
  • Connection to power supply with mounting equipment incl. cable drum
Single magnets
  • To hold and transport small sheet or plate metal items and iron or tool parts
  • For handling pig iron, broken castings, scrap, small parts, screws, nuts and bolts
  • Switch, rectifier and suspension eye already fitted
Spreader magnets
  • For transporting larger sheet and plate metal
  • Eliminate the large sag that typically occurs when sheet metal is suspended at many points
  • Separate electric equipment for solutions to meet a wide range of requirements
  • Single sheets of metal can be taken from stacks
  • Thermal cutting tables can be completely cleared following the cutting operation
  • Specific cut parts can be targeted and picked up using groups of magnets

Technical data

Sizes P Weight Load capacity for air gap [kg]
w [kg] d/300
R15 60 15 315
R20 80 17 490
R26 140 37 650
R30 400 75 725

Diagram for R26

Load capacity [kg]

Air gap [mm]

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