Performance and versatility – also under extreme conditions

Our RS wheel block system is suitable for applications in which a housing made of sheet steel is required, such as for impact loads. The RS system is also employed in high-temperature applications up to 250 °C or wherever a stainless steel housing is needed. Various travel wheel designs and possible connections to superstructures make the system suitable for universal applications.

Further strengths include:

  • 5 sizes with load capacities from 3.5 tonnes to 18 tonnes
  • housing made of steel or stainless steel
  • many travel wheel contours as standard
  • 4 variants for connection to the customer’s superstructure
  • driven by Demag offset geared motors
  • integrated connections, e.g. for torque brackets, guide roller arrangements and buffers.

Product information

The benefits at a glance

High performance for extreme applications
  • Long service life of the steel and mechanical elements
  • Special design for high-temperature applications up to 150 °C
  • Or with furnace carriage bearings up to 250 °C
  • Stainless design for applications in the chemical industry, the foodstuffs sector and in aggressive environments (size RS 125)
  • Wide variety of standard travel wheel designs
  • Housing made of steel or stainless steel
  • 5 sizes with load capacities from 3.5 tonnes to 18 tonnes (RS 125 to RS 400)
Very easy assembly
  • Load-bearing block enclosed on 5 sides with connecting surfaces featuring multiple bore holes
  • Rapid installation and removal for all connection variants
  • Reamed lateral bore holes for the pin connection
  • Integrated connections for torque brackets, guide roller arrangements and buffers
Optimum drive
  • Positive connection to the gearbox hollow shaft (involute splined profile) guarantees reliable torque transmission
  • Particularly suited for reversing operation typically found in travel applications
  • The Demag modular system includes the D1 torque bracket (fitted direct to the wheel block) or D2 torque bracket (fitted to the customer’s superstructure) to accommodate the torque transmitted by the drive

Torque brackets: D1 (fitted direct to the wheel block), D2 (fitted to the customer’s superstructure)

Technical data

(RS with spheroidal-graphite cast iron travel wheel with two flanges)

Size Max. load capacity Travel wheel dia. Weight [mm]
[t] [mm] [kg] a4 l5 h7 b1 b2
RS 125 3.5 125 8.0 220 98 148 60 68
RS 160 5 160 15 275 110 187 60 75
RS 250 9 250 40 385 150 281 65 100
RS 315 12 315 65 470 180 350 65 110
RS 400 18 400 153 580 210 440 80 140
Connection variants

Top connection

Pin connection

End connection

Side connection

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