Fast load handling

Our D-SH SpeedHoist electric rope winch not only features particularly high lifting speeds, but also extremely simple and precise load handling. It is the ideal lifting appliance wherever ergonomic and time-saving load handling is required – for example, in baggage handling applications at airports. Further advantages:

  • two sizes: for loads up to 80 kg or up to 160 kg
  • variable lifting speeds up to 70 m/min
  • easily adjusted dynamics to meet your needs (speed and acceleration)
  • maintenance intervals can be scheduled thanks to the integrated elapsed operating time counter
  • maximum safety.

Product information

The benefits at a glance

Maximum safety
  • For the operator, the load, the workplace and the installation
  • Switches off automatically when the top or bottom hook position is reached and in the event of an overload
  • Diagnostics support in the event of malfunctions (flashing code in the handle and error memory in the operating terminal)
Strong performance
  • Rocker switch for simple up/down control
  • Free digital output configuration to control external devices
  • Easily adjusted dynamics to meet your needs (speed and acceleration)
  • Maintenance intervals can be scheduled thanks to the integrated elapsed operating time counter
Adaptability to customer needs
  • Two sizes for loads up to 80 kg or up to 160 kg
  • Optional rocker switch or manual force control with D-Grip handle, (all including quick-change coupling for load handling attachments)

Technical data

Control system
  • Infinitely variable speed control by moving the control handle up or down
  • Quick-release coupling for various load handling attachments
  • Individually adjustable dynamics (speed and acceleration) – simple adjustment by rotary coding switches, programming device or PC
  • Very fast lifting and lowering motions: up to 70 m/min (D-SH 80) or up to 35 m/min (D-SH 160)
  • Automatic cut-off if an overload occurs
  • Automatic cut-off in the highest and lowest hook positions
  • Diagnostic support in the form of an error code display (flashing code on the handle, terminal and error memory)
  • Temperatures of motor and electronic equipment monitored
  • Integrated elapsed operating time counter
  • Two sizes for maximum loads of 80 kg/160 kg
  • Digital output to provide operating status information to external equipment or installations
  • Designed for indoor operation under normal ambient conditions and temperatures
    from 0 to 40 °C
D-SH 80 D-SH 160
Load capacity (kg) 80 160
FEM group 1 Am 1 Bm
Maximum lifting speed [m/min] 70 35
Lifting height [mm] 2,200
Supply voltage [V] 400
Frequency [Hz] 50

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