Convenient long and cross-travel motions

Our corner-bearing end carriages are versatile, modular rail-mounted travel units of torsionally rigid box-section design. They can be connected direct to load-bearing superstructures – for cranes or crabs. Further benefits:

  • precise single or double-girder design with up to four travel wheels
  • can be configured for all load capacity ranges
  • optimised design of the entire crane system
  • convenient adjustment and maintenance
  • save time for handling during assembly.

Product information

The benefits at a glance

Outstanding performance
  • Travel wheels made of high-quality spheroidal-graphite cast iron for low operating noise
  • High resistance to wear
  • Design to DIN 5018 (H2B3 – H4B6)
  • Buffer options (hydraulic buffers, cellular plastic buffers)
  • Tandem end carriages with connecting elements
Individual solutions
  • Drive option with one, two or four driven travel wheels
  • Corner-bearing wheel sets with diameters from 250 to 630 mm
Convenient assembly
  • Direct connection to the crane girder – with one or two machined connection surfaces depending on the design
  • Simple, time-saving handling
  • Simple maintenance and adjustment thanks to corner-bearing wheel sets that can be rolled out of the girder
  • No additional components need to be removed
Low-maintenance drives
  • No special tools required
  • Compact, matching ZBA motors and AU gearboxes
  • Direct splined-profile connection to the travel wheel shaft (easy to remove)
  • Flexible torque-load connection to the end carriage thanks to elastic torque arm
  • Low-noise operation thanks to ground helical gear wheels running in an oil bath

Technical data

KTL end carriages
End carriage types Travel wheel type  Travel wheel diameter  Inner wheel base [mm] Outer wheel base [mm]
 min max min max
KTL-RE DRS wheel blocks 160
 1,500 7,000
KTL-RZ 2,500  7,000  –
KTL-RT 690 2,500  4,345  18,000
KTL-EE DWS wheel sets 400
1,500 7,000  –  –
KTL-EZ  2,500  7,000
KTL-ET 1,100  4,000  4,800 18,000

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