High-performance cranes for automotive

Efficiency is decisive in the automotive sector. That not only applies to the cars, but production processes must also run smoothly. For decades, Demag has supplied many sectors with cranes for safe, reliable and optimised process sequences.

Car production starts in the press plant. Wherever tools weighing several tons need to be automatically transported for optimised tooling times, Demag can supply customised cranes equipped with tool grippers.

Tasks can include:
Tools stored in up to 5 layers above each other
Tools placed on the press transfer stations as required

The Demag warehouse management system (WMS) with interfaces to ERP and press control systems provides for optimised travel motions and allows for any obstacle contours. Supported by a camera-based active load control system incl. twist and sway compensation, the crane can also transport the tools to their destination without any sway.

For the maintenance and repair of the press tools, Demag delivers process cranes that are designed to meet specific customer needs. They are equipped with open winch units arranged on a common trolley or on separate trolleys, as needed. If required, these cranes can be equipped with laser positioning systems as well as active load sway damping systems. To ensure that turning operations are performed safely and reliably, sensors monitor any permissible inclined pull and continuously measure any overload in both directions.

In vehicle assembly operations, mainly light crane systems are used to relieve the burden placed on specialists on the assembly lines. Based on the modular crane construction kit principle, our Demag KBK system can be used to create the right solution for all applications.

Demag process cranes are also used for storing and handling coils for seamless operations

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